one of the most versatile artists of the Netherlands
Opus 50

Requiem/Jubilate (2024)

 Read More
Opus 49

Daß mir das Wollen der Musik nie vergehe (2023)

Duration: 16′  commisioned by and dedicated to Isabelle van Keulen This piece comes with a special instruction. Each musician that wants to play this piece is requested to contact...  Read More
Opus 48

Het Zwarte Raam (2021)

HET ZWARTE RAAM kun je de klimaatcrisis verzwijgen voor je geliefde?  Een productie van Orkater Een man en een vrouw wonen op een immense, verlaten vlakte. In de hoek van...  Read More
Opus 47

De Twee Broers (2020)

Orchestra 2222 – 2210 – 2 alto sax – Drum kit + 1 – stro  Read More
Opus 46 (2017-2019)

Caruso a Cuba

Opera after the novel ‘Como un mensajero tuyo’ by Mayra Montero (1998) Adapted by Micha Hamel Aida, young Cuban woman – Soprano Enrico Caruso, famous opera singer  – Tenor...  Read More
Opus 45b (2017)


Text: Edna St. Vincent Millay (USA, 1892-1950) Instrumentation: Alto singer, violin, soprano/alto sax, harp, synthesizer (Roland Juno-106) Duration: 65′ Commissioned by Festival Musica Sacra, Maastricht Commission granted by the Fonds...  Read More
Opus 45 (2017)

Kus de regen

Music theatre Text: Edna St. Vincent Millay Poem: Renascence (1912), reworked and translated by Lieke Marsman Instrumentation: Alto singer, actress, violin, soprano/alto sax, harp, synthesizer (Roland Juno-106) Duration: 70′...  Read More
Opus 44 (2016)

Plastic Soep

A short scene about the plastics pollution of the oceans. Children’s choir (the children), tenor solo (the father), clarinet, alto saxophone, piano, double bass. Text: Erik Bindervoet and Robbert-Jan...  Read More
Opus 43 (2015)

Your memories will remember you

  Flute soloist and String Orchestra (approx. The soloist is a multi-instrumentalist, playing various recorders, duduks and fujara. Duration: 50′  Read More
Opus 42 (2015)


  Male choir TTTTBBBB Poems by: Rémy de Muynck, Gerrit Kouwenaar and Herman Gorter. Commissioned by ‘Zang en Vriendschap’, Haarlem. Duration: 9′ Unpublished   Rémy de Muynck: Er zijn...  Read More
Opus 41 (2014)

In search of a prayer

commissioned by the Cello Biënnale Amsterdam 2014. Published by Donemus Duration: 6’30”  Read More
Opus 40 (2014)

Een pure formaliteit

Music theatre production for 3 actors, 1 female singer, 8 cellos and 1 recorder/duduk-player. Based on the movie “Una pura formalitá” (Tornatore, 1995) Text by: Guiseppe Tornatore en Pascal...  Read More
Opus 39 (2012)

Altra Luna

Mixed choir a cappella Text by: Stefano dal Bianco Commissioned by Europa Cantat 2012 Duration: 3′ Unpublished   ALTRA LUNA Ho visto la luna più chiara di sempre alzarsi...  Read More
Opus 38 (2012)

De Rode Kimono

Interdisciplinary music theatre meant to be an evocation of the painting “De rode kimono” by George Hendrik Breitner. Wind quintet, piano, dancer and actress. Duration: 40′ Commissioned by the...  Read More
Opus 37 (2011-2012)


A theatrical ritual for 12 performers: Tenor, Actor, piano, flute/picc/afl/bfl, sopr/altosax, bassoon, trombone/tenor tuba, vl, kemence or viola, various perc, harp/portable harp, church organ Duration: 100′ Commissioned by the...  Read More
Opus 36 (2010)


Soprano, alto and tenor saxophone Duration: 20′ Commissioned by theatre company ‘The Glasshouse’ Published by Donemus Publishing, The Hague  Read More
Opus 35 (2009-2010)


Male and female recitant, chamber choir The two soloists are amplified, the chamber choir is spatially divided over the stage and the hall. Text: three poems by Erik...  Read More
Opus 34 (2004–2007)

Snow White

Snow White – soprano Hogo de Bergerac– baritone Jane – mezzo soprano Paul – counter tenor Clem, Kevin, Edward – tenors Dan, Bill, Henry – baritones Hubert – bass...  Read More
Opus 33 (2007)


Mezzo soprano, oboe, trombone, violin, cello, piano (in spatial set-up) Text: René Char Duration: 11′ Published by Donemus   Sortie Ineffable rigueur Qui maintint nos vergers, Dors mais éveille-moi....  Read More
Opus 32 (2007)

Schizophrenic Girl

Chamber choir 4444 or 6666 Text: X. L Kennedy Duration: 10′ Published by Donemus ___________________________________ Schizophrenic Girl Having crept out this far, So close your breath casts moisture on...  Read More
Opus 31 (2005–2006)

Romeo & Julia

Oboe solo (representing Julia), Horn solo (representing Romeo), and 2 sopranino recorders, 2 alto recorders, tenor sax, 3233 2132 2 perc pf cel – strings Antiphonal set-up. Duration: 27′ Published...  Read More
Opus 30 (2004–2010)

Nous Deux

Soprano and string quartet. Movements can be performed seperately. Text: Paul Éluard 1. Nous Deux 2. Chanson 3. Je te l’ai dit pour les nuages 4. Ma Morte Vivante...  Read More
Opus 29 (1997–2000)

Geestelijke Liederen

Medium or large choir and orchestra 2222 2221 2perc hp – strings Suitable for amateur choir Text: Constantijn Huygens Duration: 16′ Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 27 (2003)

Songs of sorrow and joy

Large fanfare orchestra soprano sax 1,2 alto sax 1,2 tenor sax 1,2 baritone sax piccolo trumpet Flugel horns 1,2,3 horn 1,2,3,4 trumpet 1,2,3 trombone 1,2,3 baritone 1,2 euphonium tuba...  Read More
Opus 25 (2002)


Baritone and 2222 3000 1perc hp – strings or Baritone and piano Text: Guillaume Apollinaire Duration: 6′ Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 24 (2001–2003)

Frierst Du – Hast Du Heimweh?

Violin, viola, cello and piano Duration: 12’30” Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 23 (2001)


Large fanfare orchestra 1 sopranino sax soprano sax 1, 2 alto sax 1,2 tenor sax 1,2 baritone sax bugel 1,2,3 horn 1,2,3,4 piccolo trumpet trumpet 1,2,3 trombone 1,2 bass...  Read More
Opus 22 (2000)


Soprano, flute, oboe, bass clarinet, piano, harp, mandolin, guitar, violin, viola Text: Lucas Hüsgen 1. Hier lig ik bij de verholen rok 2. Verschraalde vis op een vuist van...  Read More
Opus 21d (2000)

Symphony No. 1 – movement 4 – Waak

3343 4331 5perc pf/cel hp – strings Duration: 7′ Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 21c (2002)

Symphony No. 1 – movement 3 – Nagloed

3333 4300 3perc – strings Duration: 11′ Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 21b (2001)

Symphony No. 1 – movement 2 – Klok

1 sopranino/alto recorder, 3343 4331 5perc pf/cel hp – strings Duration: 11′ Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 21a (1998)

Symphony No. 1 – movement 1– Vuurdoop

3333 6331 5perc hp cel – strings Duration: 8′ Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 20 (1998)

La Porte

Baritone, 1121 1000 2perc – Text by Guillaume Apollinaire Duration: 8′ Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 18 (1997–1998)

Verpoosd in schaduw

Mezzo-soprano, Bass-baritone, Recitant, 9 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos, double bass and keyboard-operated vocoder. Text by Lucas Hüsgen Verpoosd in Schaduw is gecomponeerd als onderzoek naar een actueel madrigalisme....  Read More
Opus 17 (1998)

Laatste Man/Ware Grootte

Large orchestra 5555 9641 3perc 2hp, prerecorded tape, strings   Duration: 8′ Published by Donemus  Read More
Opus 16b (1996 instr. 2006)

Vier Nederlandse liederen

Baritone and ensemble 1121 1000 1perc pf – Tonnus Oosterhoff – In de ongelukskooi Michaël Zeeman – Als op het water Peter van Lier – Gegroet o… Willem...  Read More
Opus 16a (1996)

Vijf Nederlandse Liederen

Baritone, cello and piano Tonnus Oosterhoff – In de ongelukskooi Michaël Zeeman – Als op het water Peter van Lier – Gegroet o… Willem Jan Otten – Na de...  Read More
Opus 15 (1996)

Drei Lieder

Baritone, cello and piano Text: Peter Altenberg Vorfrühling Traurigkeit Spätsommer De Drei Lieder zijn allemaal zeer kort, korter dan één minuut. Tekstdichter Peter Altenberg is ook de dichter van...  Read More
Opus 14 (1996)

Trois Chansons

Baritone and chamber orchestra: 2222 2110 2perc hp cel – text: Guillaume Apollinaire Duration 5′  Read More
Opus 13 (1995)

Wat later op de ochtend

String orchestra: minimum Composed for the Netherlands Youth String Orchestra, I decided to base the piece on a quite innocent bit of music that I wrote when I...  Read More
Opus 12 (1995)


Orchestra: 3333 4231 4perc hp cel pf strings Music for an original choreography by Toer van Schayk for the Dutch National Ballet, the title of the choreography being ‘Spiegels...  Read More
Opus 10 (1994)

When you are old and grey

  Mezzo soprano and Baritone a capella Text: William Butler Yeats When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this...  Read More
Opus 9 (1994)

Nähe des Geliebten

Soprano and piano Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Duration: 3′ Published by: Donemus Publishing, The Hague Ich denke Dein, wenn mir der Sonne Schimmer Vom Meere strahlt; Ich denke...  Read More
Opus 7 (1993)

Zwei Lieder

  Soprano and percussion (2 gongs and 2 cymbals). Two songs on poems by Paul Celan.: 1. Der uns die Stunden zählte 2. Der Gast Duration: 3′ Published by Donemus,...  Read More
Opus 6 (1993)

Where are you?

  String trio (violin, viola, cello). Commissioned by the Brighton Festival 1993 for a choreography by Michael Rolnick. Duration: 23′ Published by Donemus, The Hague  Read More
Opus 5 (1993)


  String quartet and six percussionists. Commissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag and the Mondriaan String Quartet. Duration: 17′ Published by Donemus, The Hague.  Read More
Opus 4 (1991)

Porfieren Fonteinen

  Three vibraphones. Commissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag. Duration: 11′ Published by Donemus, The Hague  Read More
Opus 3 (1991)

There was nothing nobody could say

  Corno Inglese, cello, percussion, celesta and piano. Commissioned by the Ives Ensemble for the Zagreb Festival 1991. Duration: 11′ Published by Donemus, The Hague  Read More
Opus 1 (1989)

Corpus Hypercubus

  Alto voice, violin, cello, corno inglese and bassoon. Text: Savador Dalí and Christian Friedrich Henrici. Duration: 3′ Published by Donemus, The Hague.  Read More