one of the most versatile artists of the Netherlands
Conducted repertoire

Orchestra with Soloist(s)

Aa, Michel van der – Spaces of blank, for mezzo soprano and orchestra
Adriaansz, Peter – #44, for narrating poet and orchestra
Andriessen, Louis – Rosa Suite, for Soprano, Baritone and large ensemble
Andriessen, Louis – Tao, for piano, 4 women’s voices and chamber orchestra
Bach, Johann Sebastiaan  – Konzert für violine und hobo BWV 1060
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Klavierkonzert no.5
Berg, Alban – Fünf Orchesterlieder nach Ansichtkartentexten von Peter Altenberg
Berlioz, Hector – Harold en Italie
Bettison, Oscar  – Junk, for soprano saxophone and orchestra
Birtwistle, Harrison – Panic for alto saxophone, percussion and orchestra
Bondt, Cornelis de – Die wahre Art, for piano, chamber orchestra and electronics
Bruch, Max – Kol Nidrei
Busoni, Feruccio – Divertimento per flauto e orchestra
Carter, Elliott  – Voyage, for Mezzo-Soprano and chamber orchestra
Copland, Aaron – Clarinet Concerto
Debussy, Claude – Première Rhapsodie (clarinette)
Debussy, Claude – Danse Sacreé et Danse Profane
Debussy, Claude – Deux arias de la Chute de Maison Usher
Donizetti/Corghi, Azio – Nuits d’été à Pausilippe, for soprano and strings
Fauré, Gabriel – Requiem
Franck, César – Variations Symphoniques
Gershwin, George – Rhapsody in blue
Gershwin, George – Second Rhapsody
Gilse, Jan van – Giltanjani-liederen, for Soprano and orchestra
Glass, Philip – Concerto for Violin and orchestra
Grieg, Edvard – Klavierkonzert a-moll
Hamel, Micha – Geestelijke Liederen, for choir and orchestra
Hamel, Micha – Vier Nederlandse Liederen
Hamel, Micha –Triptyque, for Baritone and orchestra
Harman, Chris Paul – Uta, for viola and orchestra
Haydn, Joseph – Konzert für Trompete
Haydn, Joseph – Konzert für Violoncello in D
Janssen, Guus – Violin concerto
Jeths, Willem – Bandoneonconcert
Jeths, Willem – Fas/Nefas, for piano or harp with orchestra
Kantsjeli, Gija – Besuch der Kindheit, for oboe and chamber orchestra
Kantsjeli, Gija – Vom Winde Beweint, for viola and orchestra
Laman, Wim – Syntopoi for cello and orchestra
Leeuw, Ton de – Violin Concerto no. 2
Lefanu, Nicola – Saxophone concerto
MacMillan, James – Into the ferment
MacMillan, James – Veni, veni Emmanuel, percussion concerto
Maier, Florian – Operator, for violin and orchestra
Manneke, Daan – Plenum
Martinu, Bohuslav – Hobokonzert
Mendelssohn, Felix – Ein Midsommernachtstraum with narrator
Meyer, Krzysztof – Saxophone Concerto
Milhaud, Darius – Violin Concerto no. 2
Millikan, Ann – Ballad Nocturne for piano and orchestra
Mintchev, Georgi – Senti-Metal for cello and orchestra
Mozart, Wolfgang A. – Aria “Vorrei spiegarvi, o Dio” (KV 418)
Mozart, Wolfgang A. – Konzert für Flöte und Harfe (KV 299)
Mozart, Wolfgang A. – Konzert in Es für zwei Klaviere (KV 365)
Mozart, Wolfgang A. – Konzert no. 21 in C für Klavier (KV 467)
Mozart, Wolfgang A. – Konzert no. 3 für Violine (KV 216)
Mozart, Wolfgang A. – Konzert no. 4 für Horne (KV495)
Mozart, Wolfgang A.– Konzert für Hautbois und orchester
Mozart, Wolfgang A.– Konzert in A für Klarinette (KV 622)
Mozart, Wolfgang A.– Sinfonia Concertante, für Violine und Bratsche
Penderecki, Kristoff – Concerto for oboe and chamber orchestra
Prokofjev, Serge – Concerto no.1 for piano
Pärt, Arvo – Fratres
Rachmaninov, Sergei – Piano Concerto no.3
Rautavaara, Einojuhani – Cellokonzert
Rautavaara, Einojuhani – Clarinet Concerto
Ravel, Maurice – Concerto in G
Ravel, Maurice – Concerto pour la main gauche
Ravel, Maurice – Tzigane
Riley, Terry – The Sands, for string quartet and orchestra
Saalinen, Aulis – The midnightdances of Don Juanquichot, for cello and strings
Saint Saëns, Camille – Danse Macabre
Saint Saëns, Camille – Le Carnaval des Animaux
Schnittke, Alfred – Moz-Art à la Haydn, 2 violins and double bass solo and strings
Schumann, Robert – Cellokonzert a-moll
Stamitz, Carl – Sinfonia concertante
Stravinsky, Igor – Concerto in d for violin
Tchaikovsky, Peter I. – Variations on a Rococo Theme
Tiensuu, Jukka – M, for harpsichord and strings
Vivaldi, Antonio – Concerto for oboe in F
Wagemans, Peter Jan – Nachtvlucht, for soprano and chamber orchestra
Wagner, Christoph Maria – Klavierkonzert
Zimmerman, Bob – Cadenza, for three voices and orchesrtra
Zorn, John – Aporias, for piano and orchestra
Zorn, John – Contes de Fées, for violin and orchestra